The Lindberg
Digital Innovation Lab

Assistant Professor, Information Systems, Stevens Institute of Technology

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About Me

I am an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the Howe School of Business at Stevens Institute of Technology. My main interest is digital innovation, especially as it is manifested in open source software, open innovation and other design contexts.


My research program focuses on the relationship between routines and innovation in design contexts, primarily those with “open source-like” characteristics. This involves understanding variables and phenomena such as routine variation, sequential structuring, structural evolution, and temporal modes and their impacts on design outcomes such as effective coordination, digital artifact innovation, and requirements computation.

To conduct this inquiry, I mainly use digital trace data and computational techniques such as text mining, sequence-, cluster-, and social network analysis. Throughout the next few years I intend to continue developing this research program to make a cumulative contribution to the study of digitalized design routines.

Joining The Lab

If you are interested in joining the lab there are multiple opportunities for data science-oriented research assistantships. In the lab we work with R to do things like web scraping, extraction of data from APIs and SQL/MongoDB databases, sequence analysis, text mining, and social network analysis. Currently we are running the following projects:

Automated Content Analysis
We are building a system for collating data from various APIs and then automating content analysis using Mechanical Turk to extract qualitative insight from text data.

Discursive Text Mining
To analyze large amounts of text data we are building an infrastructure for topic modeling and visualization of results.

Digital Experiments
A mechanism for performing social science experiments using Mechanical Turkers is being designed and developed.

Event Sequence Extraction
Interfaces for extracting event sequence data from SQL, MongoDB, and web APIs is needed.

Citation Networks
Extracting & modeling citation networks from databases such as Web of Science and Scopus.

If you are interested in any of the above, please email me with your CV (focused on your technical skills) and an example of original code that you have written. Funding for Stevens students is available through the business school, the I&E Summer Scholars Program, and the Stevens Scholars Program.